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Back in January 2016, when I was 18, I was no longer attending church but still felt God had a plan for my life. I went to a Christian conference in Colombia which changed everything.

There was a presentation for a mobile game developed for children which challenged me on how, as Christians, we should be using technology. This led to the idea of a Christian social platform which eventually evolved into what Grow is today.

Jamie Matthews

Co-Founder, Grow Faith

Generation Z and younger Millennials are the most connected generation.

Covid 19 has increased the already growing issues surrounding mental health including loneliness, anxiety, depression and self worth. 

To try and stay connected with others the amount of screen time people are using has also gone up.

Social media is an intrinsic part of how Gen Z communicates with each other and the wider world and is one of the biggest influences on identity.

In recent months, many social media platforms have come under scrutiny for amplifying mental health issues.

Gen Z, more than previous generations, have grown up with little or no history with God, the church or the Christian faith. They are open to spirituality but often look to other places to find it.

Covid has allowed some to explore their spirituality and to discover church online and through social media.

“Generation Z communicates in bite sizes…Whatever it is we are attempting to convey, much less explain, will need to be communicated more frequently in shorter bursts of ‘snackable content”.

James Emery White, Meet Generation Z

We recognise the Bible’s power and influence!

Someone who engages the Bible 4 or more times a week is:


More likely to share faith with others


More likely to memorise scripture


Less likely to view pornography


Less likely to struggle with loneliness

Source: Centre for Bible Engagement 

    • 47% of 24-34 year old Christians credited the Bible with increasing their mental wellbeing.
  • Additionally, 33% of 16 to 24 year old Christians said that reading the Bible had helped them feel less lonely.

 Source: Bible Society (Dec 2020)

Check out what we believe

While Grow is for everyone, our goal is to see 10,000 young people using Grow daily in 2023 (rising to 100,000 by 2025).

Our passion is to see changing lives and changing cities.