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If you’re a Church, Christian organisation or influencer, then Grow is for you!  It’s a healthy place where you can build your social presence to communicate and engage with those in your local community and beyond. All you need to do is set up a Grow business account & you’re up and running. 

Gone are the days when churches are restricted to discipling their members on Sundays and in LifeGroups. Devotional plans can be experienced 24/7 to help members read the bible, pray and engage with God. Why not create some devotional plans specific to your church’s needs?

Content creators can easily register as a Business Account and upload new plans with Grow Studio.

Creating Devotional plans is really easy with Grow Studio. It’s best to do it on a laptop or PC so you have full navigation. There’s a huge level of customisation possible with images, Bible passages, prayers, gifs, worship songs and videos. Coming soon, they’ll also be the option to get peer review and approvals so you can collaborate with others.

Check out our how-to video guide and top tips for writing a good devotional on Grow.

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We know that protecting users on Grow will be very important to you so we’ve spent significant development time to ensure we have high level security and privacy filters in place. 

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Every post, comment and devotional gets fed through our profanity filter

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