Community guidelines

How we make Grow an enjoyable and safe environment 

Welcome to Grow!

Here at Grow, we aim to create a positive and welcoming place for Christians to interact, where everyone feels safe and loved. Our global community is built upon lifting up and supporting others and being respectful of their cultures and beliefs. Constructive discussion is encouraged when done is a caring manner and without judgement. Below you can find our community rules to help make Grow the platform we want it to be.


Things we want you to do:

  • Start following profiles of those that interest you.
  • Share your hobbies or what you’ve been doing.
  • Encourage others via prayer or supportive comments.
  • Post Bible verses to uplift other members of the community.
  • Create devotionals that will benefit the community.
  • Promote devotional plans which you have found useful or had a positive impact.
  • Ask for prayer or support from other members.
  • Be responsible for the things you say or share.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Report any content that makes you feel uncomfortable or doesn’t belong on Grow.
  • Show empathy to other’s life situations or circumstances.
  • Respect other’s cultures, traditions, or beliefs.
  • Block users that you do not want to engage with.
  • Be respectful of the Grow Faith Co. team.
  • Enjoy using Grow!

Things we don’t want you to do:

  • Use bad or vulgar language or insulting others.
  • Bully or harass other members.
  • Use hate speech towards a minority or group of people.
  • Post unbiblical posts/comments. See our ‘what we believe’ guidelines (
  • Comment repeatedly on other’s posts (e.g. contact info), particularly when it isn’t relevant.
  • Be insensitive to a tragic news story or delicate subject.
  • Post pornographic or graphic images.
  • Share content around the use of firearms.
  • Promote the use of or selling of drugs and regulated goods and services.
  • Share misinformation which could lead to harm.
  • Impersonate another person or business.
  • Make unsolicited flirting or untoward advances towards other members.
  • Create fake engagement by ‘boosting’ a post’s likes or comments.
  • Promote ‘get rich quick’ schemes, cash gifts or pyramid schemes or businesses that are not Christian in nature.
  • Engage with minors in a negative manner or trying to get in contact with them outside of Grow.
  • Ask directly for money for personal use (genuine registered Christian charitable organisations are acceptable). 
  • Create new accounts after being suspended.
  • Post external links to content that break any of these rules.


Failure to meet these rules may lead to posts or comments being removed or in more serious cases, suspension of accounts. For any enquiries, please contact us at