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The Grow app launches in








Grow is a mobile app, designed to provide a healthy and fulfilling social experience, alongside devotional plans and Christian content.

We are passionate about reaching young people who want to connect with their friends and faith in one place, where they can freely share what they want, with who they want.


Key features and benefits

Provides a positive social experience to reduce time on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Protects the user with state-of-the-art security & privacy

Keeps people coming back for more, with an ever-changing newsfeed, similar to existing social platforms

Improves communication between churches and their congregations

Share videos, songs, Bible verses, websites and images with followers and within devotionals

Discover and share devotionals from creators across the globe

Tailor devotional recommendations for each user

Support for 9 different Bible translations

The app

Each person and church will have their own profile where you can share what you want with your followers. You are in charge of who you follow and who follows you.

The homepage gives you your up-to-date newsfeed from those you follow. People can share anything from memes and videos, to Bible verses and worship songs.

Push notifications let you know when someone has interacted with something you’ve shared.

You can search for new devotional plans as well as Grow suggesting new ones based on your interests and previous plans you’ve completed.

You can find a devotional plan that suits you, from written, audible or visual plans. When you start a plan, you get notified everyday as a reminder.

Content creators can easily upload new plans with Grow Studio.

Creating Devotional plans is really easy with Grow Studio. You can access it on a laptop or PC. There’s a huge level of customisation possible with images, Bible passages, prayers, worship songs and videos.

There’s also the option to get peer review and approvals.

We need high quality, captivating content to be available when the app launches. Do you have existing material that you can provide or could you create something new?

Security of Grow is paramount to ensure protection of our users

In-house developed pornographic image detection to automatically report content

Every post, comment and devotional gets fed through our profanity filter

Over 80,000 blocked website domains for porn, gambling & fake news

Only see the content from those you have followed